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What else is there to be different?


It is always worthwhile going that extra mile. Try something different.

Have a look at the sports section in the papers. See what images the use. It is also good to check out the sports agencies, to see what they produce. Check out agencies like Inpho, Sportsfile, ActionPlus, Press Association, and others.

Then you can try being creative -

Try using selective focus and Depth of Field (DOF) to dramatic effect.

Don't always look at the action, but look at what might be happening just below it.

Look for different view and angles on the scene.
relay handover


Watch out for something fresh, like the reflection in someone's sunglasses.

Or try your hand at panning. Much more common in motorsports, but can be done at any sport.

No matter what, always get the critical shots before you start being creative. At the end of the day though, it's all about having fun and capturing the moment.

There are plenty of other resources out there to check out, for tips on sports photography.

Scott Kelby Sports Tutorial Video

Digital Photography School

Adorama TV

Do a Google search and you will find more

Hopefully my pages have been of some use and have inspired you a little to get out and shoot more. If you have questions, you can always contact me and I will respond when I can.

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