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If you set your camera exposure up correctly, you will have very little to do when you get the images back to your machine.

Crop - You just want to crop the images down to just show the main scene of action. You don't need the extra players in the shot. Of course, if you're submitting to any papers, you will leave the majority of cropping to them. They need to be able to fit your image in to the space they have available. But, you still want to crop down to the action.

Adjustments - You will want to do basic adjustments, brightness, exposure, contrast, white balance, saturation, etc. Nothing too drastic. Just enough to make a bright and clear image. Remember sharpening is your final step.

Size - For posting to the web, you need about 96 ppi with the image size max 800px long. For submitting to the press, it needs to be a min of 300 ppi. You'll really want a jpg image of a min of 900kb and a max file size of 2mb. But, this will depend on the publication and their requirements. Remember to ask as some have very specific requirements.

At the side of a pitch, it's all about getting the shot and then sending it as quickly as you can to the papers/agency. Professional sports shooters tend to use PhotoMechanic. Personally, for full processing, I use Adobe Lightroom, and find it brilliant for this kind of processing.


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