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Sports Photography tips and advice on how to take better sports photos

So, you take photos at your local events. Your kids sport, your local club, etc. But, you feel you should be doing better? Maybe some of my tips here can help you get that little bit more from your photography. Everyone wants to take better sports photos.

No matter what camera you use, you should be getting decent photos. But you need to know your camera and your settings. My advice is geared towards those using an SLR. I shoot Canon, but all brands should be able to capture good sports images.

You will need to look up your manual, for similar settings that I will talk about. Terms for your camera may be slightly different than what I say.

A shutter speed of greater than 1/400 sec, an aperture of f/5.6 or greater (up to f/2.8) should freeze the action and give some separation from the background.

Sports photography is about two things - action and emotion.





But, if you are shooting for yourself, friends, and family, then you simply want clear sharp images of your subject, getting their best side.



So, how do you get images like this? Well, read on and I will try to impart some more of my knowledge and experience of how I take sports photos and hopefully my sports photography advice will be of use to you. It is not an easy task to learn how to take better sports photos, but it can be done and does take a lot of practice.


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