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About Me

Paul Walsh portrait Photo by Mike Patterson

I'm an Irish photographer, based in North Dublin. For me, photography is more something that I really enjoy than just a job. It also gives me a reason to travel around Ireland and further afield. I'm a Canon user.

My main photographic interest is in sports photography. I cover a number of sports from local amateur games to fully professional International levels. My images are used locally, nationally and internationally.

Of course, I enjoy most types of photography. I'll photograph almost anything really. This certainly shows from the variety in my gallery. I also love to help people learn and improve their photography. Hence my page on sports photography tips. We can
all learn more, and I continue to learn each time I go out and shoot. I learn from what I do wrong, and from what others do. I always try to expand my knowledge.

I hold full insurance, including Public Liability insurance. My insurance was sourced via Camera Insurance.

So, why not browse my gallery and see what you think, or browse my sports photography tips?

All images are Copyright. You are not permitted to copy, save, print, use any photo without expressed permission. © Paul Walsh Photography.

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